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Our History


Welcome to Bushwaller’s, as a restaurant we have been a Frederick tradition since 1981. However, this building and the room you are sitting in have been so much more throughout the 170+ years of existence. Originally constructed in the 1840’s the first recorded commercial use of 209 N. Market St. was the Steiner Brother’s Drug Store. The area you are sitting in was used as the main store room area and space directly above you (accessible only from the adjacent outside door and known as 211 N. Market St.) was a residence. It is said that it was the home of the Steiner Brothers themselves.


The Steiner’s Drug Store was a staple of the community until 1935 when they sold the building to Robert Grove. He opened Grove’s Liquor and Grocery which featured groceries and fresh local meats.


Mr. Grove’s walk-in meat locker, still in good repair, was carefully restored and is in use today as our keg room. Look toward the rear of our dining room space and you will notice the fine hand crafted wooden wall on one side and the white metallic wall with the long mirror is the other side. This is a wonderful contrast to the unique commercial uses for this space throughout the century.


In 1981, the Bushwaller brothers opened Bushwaller’s Market Street Saloon which featured the very best in fresh seafood. They took great care to ensure that most furnishings and fixtures were original to the building or antiques found in the area. In fact, the actual bar itself was constructed by the Bushwaller brothers from pieces of old churches around Frederick.


The back bar with the angel affixed at top-center used to be a part of an old Frederick hotel which the brothers happened upon at an antique store in Pennsylvania. As you can see towards the back of the bar the “raw bar” still stands. A chef would shuck oysters and serve a variety of fresh seafood to customers. The pure copper on top of the “raw bar” helped to keep the insulated trays of fresh seafood cold.


In the mid 1990’s, the Bushwaller brothers sold the business and it was transformed into an Irish Pub. Our draft system, which houses 18 quality beer choices, was originally installed by Guinness. This insures that every nitro pint is poured to perfection. Bushwaller’s came to be known as THE place to be every St. Patrick’s Day as well as the preferred place in town to catch a soccer or rugby match. On Sept. 29th 2009, (coincidentally the same date the Bushwaller brothers opened their doors in 1981) Amber DeMorett bought “The Pub” as it became known locally. While trying to revamp the expectation of just serving “pub grub” or just being a bar, Bushwaller’s, has started to transform into a new genre, an Irish/American Gastro Pub, serving fine comfort food at affordable prices while still having a wonderful selection of beers and whiskeys to choose from. With all its’ transformations Bushwaller’s has remained a community staple and hopefully we will have another 40 years of being known as the community living room, and a “Frederick tradition.” With a welcoming atmosphere, day or night, we promise you will always feel right at home.







St. Paddy's Day

St. Paddy's Day


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